I'm Diana Im

Currently in: Seattle, WA

My background

I'm currently a Strategy Manager at Microsoft who challenges teams to develop, differentiate, and innovate product offerings to drive product truth for customers. I'm always looking for the next big challenge to dig deeper into. 

Over the years, I've gained skills in product strategy, market analysis, competitive landscaping, pricing models, and testing/experimentation. With experience across business planning, product, & strategy, I meld together 50,000 ft. high strategic thinking with product knowledge and customer-obsessed follow through to create products and experiences designed to empower and enable all people. 

My passion

I'm passionate about designing products and services that press at social challenges, and technology that enables every person to work a little better, live their lives a little fuller, and shine a little brighter. 

Raised in southern California, you can find me thriving in direct sunlight while listening to How I Built This podcast re-runs. You'll find me happiest when I've booked cheap flights to anywhere with good street food. My top 3 destinations/food recommendations: 1) roadside pie in Amish Country, PA, 2) fresh squeezed mango juice in Palawan, Philippines, and 3) chicken biryani made with love in Doha, Qatar. 


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